Clinical Consulting Resources

Guiding You to Success

PDMI offers consultations and clinical options for PBMs to adopt and use to ensure the most cost-effective outcomes. 

Consultation and Review of Client’s Formularies provides evaluation and recommendations based on client request and plan design.

Coverage Authorizations includes our system providing customization for the ability of clients to provide authorization, including step therapy, quantity limitations and dose duration rules.

Custom Clinical Programs aid in decreasing costs and improving patient results.

Specialty Drug Management consultations to our clients on drug lists and how to decrease drug spend.

Drug Pipeline Monitoring offers close watch of brand and generic drugs to ensure that the impact of every new drug is clearly understood when it hits the market.

Polypharmacy Monitoring, Reports and Alerts can be customized within the system to identify patient compliance issues, such as duplicative therapy and drug overuse.

Resources to monitor and identify Fraud, Misuse and Abuse as well as to support clients’ compliance and adherence programs.

Retrospective Reviews using data analysis and management can help identify cost saving opportunities.